Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chocolate Mousse

If Julie had Julia, I definitely have Nigella. Lawson, to be precise, though when one mentions "chocolate" and "Nigella" in the same sentence there isn't much room for confusion. This recipe for 'Instant Chocolate Mousse' is something I got from her website and I made it in advance for tonights dinner so I thought I'd share the pictures. I'll write and update later about how it turned out in the end. The making, in any case, was glorious.

A hundred and fifty grams of mini-marshmallows.

250 gm of dark chocolate. I didn't have best quality chocolate so I supplemented this with the most beautiful cocoa powder ever.

and then... 50 gm butter and 60 ml water. and into a heavy bottomed pot over medium heat. Keeps stirring. It'll go from looking something like this... something like this...

...and finally this.

Then There Is The Cream *evil grin*

You whip about 300 gm of heavy cream with a teaspoon of vanilla and pour it into the marshmallow-chocolate mixture, having already taken it off the heat.

It may seem as though the white may over power the darkness of the chocolate, but as always, the chocolate wins.

and in the end looks something like this.

The pictures of the end result looked crappy so I edited them. Just a tiny little bit.