Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Sainted Aunt!

This is a relative post, of relativity and relatives. Which is worse? I can’t say yet. But if we sift through all our evidences and materials. We may just reach a conclusion.

The fact that we hope to ‘reach’ a conclusion, reinforces, thus, that there is a conclusion somewhere out there, waiting for to be reached… by us. So, it must be our right and duty to get to it before it makes like a dodo and becomes extinct.

Well, I’d say it all started with the introduction of the third dimension. Life before that was much much simpler, I am sure. In fact, I remember a time when I didn’t know what a dimension was. I though Noddy was cool. I believe the phenomenon that I’m referring to is called Gestalt Psychology which essentially talks of the overview, the interconnectedness of perception and what not. This is the problem. While looking at an elephant from an arial perspective, one does NOT see all four legs splayed across the planes of Africa or whatever part of the blasted world you may be flying over. No, in fact, you just see it’s back. It looks like a lump that is it. The fact that your brain attaches the implied value of the elephant attched to that back is as irrelevant as it is dangerous. If what you see is an elephants back, then what you have is an elephants back. Agreed?

Now the theory of relativity. If everything is relative to everything else… well then firstly, how can they be interconnected? And furthermore, the whole idea of procreation then becomes completely horrific. The human animal is a species in decline. You may not believe it but the sperm count of the average human male has reduced drastically over the last five decades from a whopping 100 million in 1950 to 50 million in 1990. That’s a 40 year time frame guys, and counting. Inbreeding would only further this phenomenon, causing the human race to go hurtling to its extinction. Now isn’t that a fascinating thought!

Jokes apart, what is it then, relative or universal? Neither, Both, Sometimes This, Sometimes That. These are all pretty sappy answers. You know our school teachers would never stand for such questionable drivel. Why then, should we? Which is it man?? Are we all the same, or are we not? Is our every step a mere equal-and-opposite to someone elses or do free will and democracy exist beyond the realm of fiction and faery tale?

I don’t know. And having given it a hard, solid thought, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t care. The idea of every humanoid on this blessed earth being a relation is depressing to the extreme. But I suppose one makes the most of a situation and trudges on. Perhaps, the point is to be reborn on another more virile planet, assuming, of course, that souls have the capacity to undertake interstellar travel.

Drivel, drivel, drivel. Bargle, gargle, wargle. Had enough of this? So have I. Good night. And may the force be with you!!

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